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18 Rejseforslag for Kina
  • Klassiske seværdigheder
Classic - Beijing, Yunnan and Shanghai
This customisable, two-week tour encompasses the thriving cities of China and the wonders of the countryside. Travel from Beijing to the beautiful...
Ca.14 dagefra17.370 kr
  • Luksus
Highlights Tour- Beijing, Xi'An, Shanghai
This 9-day, customisable tour lets you discover the different faces of China. From the big, bustling cities, you'll be passing...
Ca.9 dagefra9.610 kr
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  • Langt fra alfarvej
Silk Road Adventure in Xinjiang Province
Scenic landscapes and the ancient past will come to life in this 10 day voyage through the Xinjiang province. Discover the ancient...
Ca.10 dagefra13.080 kr
  • Klassiske seværdigheder
Highlights Tour - Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai
If you're looking for a classic tour covering China's most popular must-see attractions, this is the perfect choice for you. Combining history,...
Ca.8 dagefra10.390 kr
  • Klassiske seværdigheder
Temples, Landscapes, and Cities
Make your next adventure to China a memorable one! Come and discover China's rich cultural heritage of architecture, martial arts...
Ca.11 dagefra7.950 kr
  • Klassiske seværdigheder
Beijing in One Week
This customisable, one-week tour has been designed for those wishing to explore China’s amazing capital, and to get a glimpse into Chinese culture....
Ca.6 dagefra9.700 kr
  • Langt fra alfarvej
Yunnan and Guangxi
This 14-day, customisable tour is perfect for those who want to see China's amazing landscapes. Venture to Yunnan and cruise down the Li River, enjoy...
Ca.14 dagefra18.660 kr
  • Klassiske seværdigheder
Ancient Meets Modern
Dive into ancient history, rich culture and modern miracles in just 11 days. On this customisable trip, you'll tour the ancient cities of...
Ca.11 dagefra9.430 kr
  • Luksus
Meet the Pandas and Yangtze Cruise
Discover the vibrant cities and lush countryside of China. Start your journey in Beijing, then head to the province of Sichuan, home to delicious...
Ca.11 dagefra11.250 kr
  • Klassiske seværdigheder
Great Wall, Tibet, and the Himalayas
This 13-day customisable tour is designed for those intending to discover both China and Tibet, on an adventure encompassing some of Asia's most...
Ca.13 dagefra15.930 kr
  • Klassiske seværdigheder
History, Archaeology and Nature
Replete with cultural stimulation, this journey will take you to the bustling cities of Shanghai and Beijing and a few remote villages between...
Ca.14 dagefra15.850 kr
  • Langt fra alfarvej
 Discovering Danba
As the hometown of panda, Sichuan is reputed as the kingdom which has an abundance of natural resources and various landforms of snow-mountains,...
Ca.16 dagefra19.190 kr
  • Sport og adventure
Yunnan Adventures In Shangri-la And Lijiang 
The Great Bend of the Yangtze River makes a hairpin turn through a remarkable 10,000-foot-deep gorge (almost twice as deep as the Grand Canyon) before...
Ca.14 dagefra19.190 kr
  • Langt fra alfarvej
16 Days Soft Hiking And Cultural Tour
Our unique 16-days soft hiking and cultural tour will afford you a wonderful experience of some of the finest cultural heritage sties and spectacular...
Ca.16 dagefra17.980 kr
  • Langt fra alfarvej
Great Wall Trekking Challenge
This program has been crafted for serious Great Wall enthusiasts who would like to experience the best parts of the eastern Wall, but who has only...
Ca.15 dagefra21.960 kr
  • Langt fra alfarvej
Yunnan Ethnic Minority Experience Tour
Yunnan, a land of natural beauty and mystery, located in the most southwest of China, has a vast territory, magnificent mountains and rivers, abundant...
Ca.10 dagefra14.220 kr
  • Klassiske seværdigheder
Off The Beaten Path China Classic
This Cultural Expedition program is designed to give the family an opportunity to experience a different and interesting Chinese Culture and Outdoor...
Ca.16 dagefra28.720 kr
  • Klassiske seværdigheder
Winter Beauty 
Explore the winter wonderland China has to offer like the Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, Sun Island snow sculpture expo, ice...
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